Social Media Marketing

Social media has already become a major influence in global communications, fomenting revolutions and other large scale social movements. Being able to harness that people power is an incredibly powerful way of making your company or brand more visible.

In today’s internet driven culture it is essential for businesses to utilize social media in order to effectively reach, build and maintain relationships with their consumers. From blogs, social networking, video sharing and business reviews, traditional advertising is no longer effective and it is essential for companies to engage, interact and work in the same realm as their people.

We have the tools necessary to strengthen a company’s social media presence-- from generating keyword rich content, viral videoblogs, reaching a large audience and providing simplified measurement reports to satisfy any skeptics' (ROI) return on investment.

We have helped businesses develop strong social media presences which give them greater connection to their customers and the ability to generate greater awareness.

Did you know?

  1. Recommendations coming from someone you know are trusted 78% of the time compared to recommendations coming from advertising which is trusted 14% of the time.
  2. Over half of all Canadians (over 17 million), and one in nine people in the world (750 miilion) are on Facebook.
  3. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated themselves with Facebook.
  4. Twitter is adding nearly half a million users every day.


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